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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

. nails .

a lot of people have commented on my nails, so i figured i would show them off a little. ;]

one person said, that from farther away, it looked like the paint splatter look that was big in the 80's...lol.

• white on xtreme wear by sally hansen
• cheatin by pure ice
(several coats of cheatin will create a massive glittery explosion (yay!) - but one coat is all i used for this)

*i have crappy nails/cuticles. i bite them all the time because if they grow past a certain length, they get soft and start peeling (like nail polish peels...from the top of my nail!). it drives me crazy, but it's something i have grown to accept :\ HOWEVER, i'm pleased to report that i have NOT bitten my nails in MONTHS!! i just have to keep them trimmed pretty short...*

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