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Thursday, March 31, 2011

. a blog award .

i was tagged for this award by emily at makeup fancy! thank you so much, emily!
• to accept the award, there are only 4 rules you must follow:
1 - thank the person who gave you the award, and link back to them on your blog
2 - tell us 7 things about yourself
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• seven (very) random (and very detailed, apparently...sorry!) things about me:
1 - my real name isn't betsy, it's elisabeth. i've been called 'betsy' since day 1, tho!
2 - i have a 5 year daughter named monaghan, and she is the VERY best thing about me!
*'monaghan' is the name of a county in ireland. the meaning of the name wasn't what drew me to it (it mean's 'land of little hills' - yikes, lol) but it was just so pretty and one-of-a-kind - JUST like my daughter! if in ireland, the correct pronounciation would be the 'g' being silent. i americanized it...the 'h' is silent. so it's said like this: 'mon - again' :]
3 - i have a big ole family - my mom (stay at home mom/homeschool teacher) and dad (long time employee at state farm/pastor) have been married for 30 years (awesome, right?!) and there are 8 of us kiddos - 4 girls and 4 boys. we are all pretty close (in age and in our relationships) so the family gatherings are freakin' awesome!
4 - i'm pretty sure my first crush was aladdin! :]
5 - in my high school days - i was co-capt/mvp of both softball and tennis...tres/v. pres/pres. of art club...outstanding foreign language student of the year (for german, and i don't remember a lick of it now :[ )...and had various other awards and achievements that were important to me at that time. before high school, i was homeschooled. :]
6 - when i'm in the artsy fartsy mood - i'm extremely crafty! i enjoy: jewelry making, painting with acrylics (oils don't agree with me), scrapbooking/greeting cards, photography, clay, sewing, working with mixed mediums of all sorts, etc, etc.
*i have a HUGE credenza in my bedroom that is just FILLED with random arts and crafts and supplies! and a few totes that are filled to the top, too! they take up SO much space, but i'll never get rid of them. once we move into a house (someday, *sigh*), i want a studio - complete with a potter's wheel and kiln! :D
7 - i am currently planning a trip to IRELAND with my cousin. we've decided that if we put X amount of money away per month, we will be able to go in 2.5 years. I. CANNOT. WAIT. so freakin' excited!!
•i've tagged a few fellow bloggers (* indicates that they've already been tagged by another blogger for this award - but i ♥ their blogs, so i couldn't help but tag them, too!):
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• FYI - this is just for FUNsies - so i won't be offended if any you choose not to carry this on! no worries! thank you all tho - for having blogs i love to follow!
have a wonderful day and thanks for droppin' in!


  1. Wow you're fast lol xD I really enjoyed your facts (lol Aladdin) and your family sounds a little like mine, though we only have 4 kids. We're all really close though, and kind of weird too. xD

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. it helps that i just did a "random 30 facts about me" on FB a couple months ago..only i did 31 facts on that one. cause i have a problem stopping once i get started. can you tell? :]

    thanks again for the tag/award! it's such a fun thing to pass around. i can't wait to read everyone's 7 things!

    and HOORAY for tight families! :D

  3. awesomness!!! thx for taggin me!! im down for it!!!<3<3<3 aladdin rocks!

  4. honey!!!
    love your style!!!
    fantastic blog

    follow u

  5. thanks @silvia!! that makes me happy! :D