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Saturday, July 2, 2011

. eye makeup removers: review .

almay oil-free eye makeup remover liquid:

i do not like this stuff. i'm being as blunt and clear as possible.
• it smells awful and chemical-y.
• when i apply it with my cotton ball to my eyes, it tugs and rubs. even then it doesn't get all the makeup/primer off on the first go or two...it takes a few swipes.
• it does NOT remove my mascara at all, tho. i can't ever get it completely off so i keep applying new mascara when i do the next days makeup...and it's just building up! i bought this remover during the first week in june, so i feel like i've had leftover mascara on my eyelashes for an entire month.
• the price was $5.99 at walgreens + i had a $2 off walgreens coupon. but for $3.99, this product SO isn't worth it!

equate oil-free eye makeup remover:

this stuff is worth it, to me.
• price = under $5 at walmart. it's the generic version of neutrogena's eye makeup remover.
• no smell really. tho, to be fair, i've used this product for like a year - so it may be that i'm used to any slight smell from it. just sayin' that i don't notice a smell from it now.
• DOES remove eye makeup! novel idea! only takes 1 swipe or 2 and even the primer is gone! a couple more swipes on the lashes and my mascara comes off, too.

* my FAVORITE eye makeup remover EVER: mary kay's. 
it. is. awesome. it feels like nothing is taking off your makeup. haha!
however - it's like $14 a bottle, and that is just too much to spend. for me at least. 



  1. iv never tried this. i use macs cleanse off oil. its really a good product. it just removes everything, waterproof and all.


  2. i bet MAC's is great! i have to spend less money then i'd like to on makeup/etc, so i try to get the best "cheap" stuff out there! :]