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Friday, January 21, 2011

. my new years look {lil late} .

i know it's like, 21 days late...but better late then never, right? i use that phrase so much that if there were a copyright on it - i'd be paying some MAJOR royalties...

SO, these were my eyes for new years eve. i know it's not really the stereotypical new years eve look, but i'm just not one for stereotypes. it's not your normal "silver or gold/glitter/look at me!" look. i'm thinking it's def a "look at me!" tho.

{click pic for larger view}

i used: a black (?) / voodoo (hi fi) / lace (bfte)

i've been diggin' the 'tape trick' for a crisp line, and have incorporated it into many of my everyday looks, too; although this was my boldest thus far. i added the lower wing (pointing downward) as an afterthought. the dramatic wing up was way too drastic (drastic can be good...but it was a no-go in this case). i felt adding the other line balanced it out a touch. maybe. :]

also - can i just say that red shades do WONDERS for green eyes?! i've been bankin' on purples and browns to compliment my greens the most, but reds are def sneakin' up on them.



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