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Friday, January 21, 2011

. some more make.up.look collages .

as i may or may not have made clear, my current obsessions are makeup and photography.
aand here's examples of both:

{click pics for larger view}
inner to outer: nessa's shoes (glittersniffer) - devil's daughter (hi fi) - a black (?)
highlight: nessa's shoes again.
'tape trick' for the drastic wing.
my last post was a "new years eve look" - i'm thinking this would have been a good look for that, if i was setting out to do the trademark "new years eve" look..buts i didn'ts. :]

this is a current 'go-to' look for everydayness; it's so soft and subtle...amd the colors go so well together.
inner to outer: raindrops on roses (hi fi) - hitchcock (bfte)
eyeliner: sugar plum (avon)...which matched hitchcock PERFECTLY!
AHH! green! favorite color EVER!
inner to outer: epidemic (hi fi) - norbert (glittersniffer) - mania (bfte)
highlight: honey (bfte)
liner on bottom lashes: unnamed green shadow (orglamix)
liquid eyeliner: a black (elf)

thanks for takin' a gander at my pics!