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Monday, October 4, 2010

. BFTE swatches .

i have an obsession with eye makeup. i included the "eye" before "makeup" because it's just that. i don't do foundation. i don't do blush - occasionally a bronzer tho. i don't do lip stuff unless i remember to stick some in my pocket for the day.

i'm basically in ♥ with beauty from the earth cosmetics. my friend sent me some samples one day and i've been a dedicated fan ever since! they have over 350 colors of eyeshadow! i have over 30 different mineral shadows from them - almost each and every one is a favorite! i just swapped some with my best friend, too! some of my less used ones for some of hers that she didn't go with her look. it's a great thing cause it gives us both the opportunity to try new colors without buying them! so, i wear different looks every single day, and i don't think i've really ever duplicated one. just because there are SOO many combos that look GREAT together...i'm always trying to mix it up! it also helps that BFTE is SUPER affordable! fullsize jars of eyeshadows are $6.50 (and they will last you forever!); sample jars are $2 (and such a great way to figure out what colors you truly want to buy first); AND every monday they offer a color of the week - "COTW" - it's a fullsize jar for a sample size jar price tag! on their facebook fan page, they let their fans help choose which color it should be too! it's a cool way to let their fans give input on it! shipping over $50 is free, under that it's $4. it's kinda high if you're just buying one item; with a few it's not so bad if you think about it! check out http://www.bftecosmetics.com/ AND www.facebook.com/pages/Beauty-From-The-Earth/52758578869?ref=ts - you will love them, too!

here are some swatches of my colors! (all swatches but 'beautiful' & 'whisper' are done over a white base)

* lemon - if you want a BRIGHT yellow, this is it!
* $10 pineapple - great shade of pale yellow.

* fire dancer - more of a red then shown in the pic - SUPER sparkly too!
* misquoted - i described this to my friend as "very pinky coppery"
* tangerine - wow, BRIGHT orange!
* fuzzy navel - the name says it all, it's a very pretty peachy color.

* big ego - such a deep blackened purple
* grape - a bright purple. a green eyed girl must always have a bright purple. :]
* class act - this is one of BFTE's cosmetic glitters, and it really is GLITTER. it's just dabbed on loose here in the pic. i don't have any eye glue/stuff for applying loose glitter right now. :[
* sugar plum - oh, my. i ♥ this purple!
* aphrodite - shows up kinda blueish in the pic, but it's more lavendery. and it's pretty sparkley!
* karma - my 4 yr old daughter helped me seperate all these swatches up (blues, greens, etc) and karma kept going from the pinks...to purples...back to pinks...no, purples. :] i understand her confusion! this color go GREAT with other purples and pinks. one of my favs!

* raspberry - almost like a hot pink.
* aloha - it's your classic shade of pink with a twist - golden/teal sparkleys! ♥
* sweet 'n spicy - it's a pinky/peachy shade that has a velvet finish.
* carnation - pale pale pink. i'm already pale enough without having a pale pink on my lids! but even if it's not one of my favs, it's very pretty!

* mania - this looks more forest green in the pic then it actually is, i found out that i ♥ it blended with envy!
* envy - similar to 'lavish' but not so lime.
* lavish - nice lime green.
* green apple - not sure how to describe this green, but it's awesome!
* go green - this is a pastely green but strangely, it looks sort of blueish at times.
* gem - wow, this shade can be more green then blue, then more blue then green! very awesome teal.

* oak - great classic brown with some gold flecks thrown in!
* hitchcock - purple brown with purple and gold sparkles, ♥ it!
* heat - "looks like liquid metal in the jar" is what it says on the site, and it's true! it's a beautiful gold shimmer.
* honey - ok. i. love. this. shade. here (on white base) it's very very pretty, but applied over a brown base - it's to die for!!

OH MY GOODNESS. first of all - this pic was extremely hard to capture and then be happy with! these duochromes are fascinating!
* beautiful - light buttery yellow in the jar, pinky shimmer on lid!
* whisper - looks beigey in the jar, wicked sweet bluey purple shimmer on lid!

* caribbean - very nice blue/green shade.
* blue bird - this is like electric blue in person!

* smoke - black with silvery flecks in it - my go-to black!
* casablanca nights - black with bright blue sparkles!
* gun metal - NICE silver shade!
* wicked - silvery tannish *almost purpley?* shade - it really depends on what colors you pair it with!



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  3. Love the colours so much! and the names! i love it when brands give their make-up cool names! :) x