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Sunday, October 3, 2010

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i enjoy making jewelry - making jewelry in my own style and no one else's (while still appealing to a variety of styles). it's a wonderful feeling to have 75+ pieces (necklaces, earrings, bracelets) made up and be quite happy with all of them! i have sold some on http://www.noemptyyesterdays.etsy.com/ but currently have no listings available. i've been busy with moving to a new city and getting settled in. i've still been creating pieces, i just haven't found the time to go through the listing process on etsy.com. it's quite a process, too. you have to decide how you want to describe your item as to accurately portray it to the customer. you have to figure out how much of a profit you want to make off it, and factor that in to the price tag. then you have to pick the best picture to show it off, and back up pictures to show it from different angles. i ♥ etsy.com - but it's not a peice of cake. :]

i'm considering using facebook as an outlet for selling too. i "like" several pages on facebook for small businesses. they often post pictures with a caption "buy this for $10 shipped! leave me your paypal address to send an invoice to!". and as far as i know, it works. i just bought a cute halloween hairclip for my daughter from cliposaurus on facebook! check this shop out for cute handmade hairclips - www.facebook.com/cliposaurusetsy

so, how about some pics of some of my jewelry? here's some already sold items that i loved! ♥

this was such an awesome pendant! i loved the blue/purple czech glass beads with it!

this bronze cross pendant is stunning! i've got a few more in stock (in bronze and silver) because i just felt they would make just beautiful necklaces when paired with a corresponding pop of color. these shimmery copper beads are some of my fav, too!

these earrings are breathtaking! i sold them in as a set with the ^above^ necklace. ♥

this necklace is super versatile! the co-worker that bought this lets her daughter wear it sometimes, and she wears it too!

this one is has some fantastic little black beads bookended with small lil blue and pink beads. paired with this hot pink chain - it's fabulous! *the bird is a weird choice to display jewelry on, i know. but i have this interesting collection of ceremic sculptures and animals. they're strangely beautiful to me.*

this necklace was just stupid awesome, that's how BA it was. black glitter in a potion bottle. snake charm. pretty deep black glass beads. the clasp for it is down by all the charms, looking like a decoration itself.

and these earrings are some of my fav ever made. i decided to keep them for myself! :]

any feedback would be great! this isn't even touching on the different looks i've done for all my pieces, but hopefully it gives you a good representation of the work i do.

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