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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

. Hi-Fi Cosmetics .

i found this company (http://www.hificosmetics.etsy.com/) from reading about them on another blog http://glitteronmyeyes.blogspot.com/ and i have already placed 2 orders. one very small order - a 5 pack sample set for bloggers - and the one i got yesterday.

the first order - the 5 colors are: (back, L-R) bad seed, millions of peaches, disco. (front, L-R) spike the punch, comeback.

the most recent order had 20 samples and 1 full size jar. veronica romero (Hi-Fi's owner) threw in 4 more sample bags, too! 25 shades total - for less then $20 (not including shipping). with the amount she packs in her bags, this is an EPIC price!

•the colors i ordered: parental advisory, live large, epidemic, the sultan, lithium, voodoo, love undying, champagne toast, terror in the depths, beautiful tragedy, wasted, paranoid, blackout, beautiful, to the moon, talk dirty, raw shock, vanity ruins, lyrical master, raindrops on roses.
•the full size i ordered: words are the remedy.
•the 4 samples she included with my order: devil's daughter, the jungle, immortal, lullaby.
i LOVE the design of the fullsize jar - how edgy! the other jars (clear lids) are just some i ordered from ebay in anticipation of the sample bags i had ordered from Hi-Fi. i've only repotted 7 samples so far. there are 16 more samples to be transferred into jars! :]
can i just say - their samples are of HUGE quantity. i've gotten (at the very LEAST) 5x as much shadow in ONE of their sample baggies then in one $2 sample jar from another company i've ordered from. this company has beyond "bang for your buck" deals.
* a sample bag of Hi-Fi Cosmetics' parental advisory on the left (pink) VS. a $2 sample jar from another company (blue) *

to repot - i shook all the shadow to the bottom of the baggie. make sure you get the shadow that stays in the side seams! then i cut the bag (at an angle) halfway down. i carefully tipped the shadow into the jar...keeping the shorter side of the cut directly up, and using the longer side of the bag to pour.

the hi fi cosmetics business card/magnet is SO neat, too. it adds a creative and nifty touch. lol - i immediatly added it to my fridge.

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  1. Thanks so much for this awesome review! I followed you here from the orglamix fan page on facebook, and now I can't wait to get my hands on some of these samples! Can you tell me what size jars you bought off of ebay? I'm looking around trying to figure out what to get and having a little trouble figuring out the right size- yours look perfect. Thanks! (email: starshy at gmail)

  2. thanks - and yeah, they're totes awesome!

    i purchase from the ebay seller: dansllc
    they have a bunch of different size pots, but i buy the 3 gram jars with clear lids. they have a BUNCH of different amounts you can purchase too. i got a lot of 25 for around $9 + free shipping! check em out!


  3. Thanks! Yeah, I figured out last night that the 3 gram jars seemed about right, and today I ordered a bunch of samples. I'll check out the seller you recommended too.. :)

  4. I am dying to try them.. the owner is in the process of moving so i have to wait.. as soon as she opens back up.. oh im on that lol.. great review love!!

  5. thank you very much! yup, i definitely recommend veronica & hi-fi cosmetics!! :]