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Friday, January 21, 2011

. some more make.up.look collages .

as i may or may not have made clear, my current obsessions are makeup and photography.
aand here's examples of both:

{click pics for larger view}
inner to outer: nessa's shoes (glittersniffer) - devil's daughter (hi fi) - a black (?)
highlight: nessa's shoes again.
'tape trick' for the drastic wing.
my last post was a "new years eve look" - i'm thinking this would have been a good look for that, if i was setting out to do the trademark "new years eve" look..buts i didn'ts. :]

this is a current 'go-to' look for everydayness; it's so soft and subtle...amd the colors go so well together.
inner to outer: raindrops on roses (hi fi) - hitchcock (bfte)
eyeliner: sugar plum (avon)...which matched hitchcock PERFECTLY!
AHH! green! favorite color EVER!
inner to outer: epidemic (hi fi) - norbert (glittersniffer) - mania (bfte)
highlight: honey (bfte)
liner on bottom lashes: unnamed green shadow (orglamix)
liquid eyeliner: a black (elf)

thanks for takin' a gander at my pics!

. my new years look {lil late} .

i know it's like, 21 days late...but better late then never, right? i use that phrase so much that if there were a copyright on it - i'd be paying some MAJOR royalties...

SO, these were my eyes for new years eve. i know it's not really the stereotypical new years eve look, but i'm just not one for stereotypes. it's not your normal "silver or gold/glitter/look at me!" look. i'm thinking it's def a "look at me!" tho.

{click pic for larger view}

i used: a black (?) / voodoo (hi fi) / lace (bfte)

i've been diggin' the 'tape trick' for a crisp line, and have incorporated it into many of my everyday looks, too; although this was my boldest thus far. i added the lower wing (pointing downward) as an afterthought. the dramatic wing up was way too drastic (drastic can be good...but it was a no-go in this case). i felt adding the other line balanced it out a touch. maybe. :]

also - can i just say that red shades do WONDERS for green eyes?! i've been bankin' on purples and browns to compliment my greens the most, but reds are def sneakin' up on them.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

. BFTE . {with eye.makeup.look collages!}

i just wanted to do a little post on Beauty From The Earth again (aaand i'm sure i'll have many more in the future)...

i ♥♥♥ this company!

of course, part of this is due to the fact that they are the FIRST makeup company i've ordered from (it was only wal-mart stores and such before..) and i've ALWAYS had great experiences from them. like, nothing BUT great. the shipping is FAAAASSST and the customer service is awesome. and the product.....oooooh the product. no kidding - every. single. shade of their eyeshadow. is. awesome. even if the color doesn't compliment my eyes or isn't really my style, it's STILL fantastic. whenever i have some that i don't dig as much as the rest, i give them to friends that love it.

BFTE is doing "365 days of BFTE" contest/giveaway where they pick one look from their facebook fan page (every day, obviously) and the winner is posted on http://www.welovebftecosmetics.blogspot.com/ . the winner also recieves a FREE jar of makeup with their next order! sweeeet!

so, i've had a little fun doing some looks...and had some fun editing (only cropping/borders/backgrounds/fonts/etc). so here they are!!!

*fingers crossed that i'll win one day...at least one day this year!*

thanks for looking!!