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Thursday, March 31, 2011

. a blog award .

i was tagged for this award by emily at makeup fancy! thank you so much, emily!
• to accept the award, there are only 4 rules you must follow:
1 - thank the person who gave you the award, and link back to them on your blog
2 - tell us 7 things about yourself
3 - tag some more bloggers for the award
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• seven (very) random (and very detailed, apparently...sorry!) things about me:
1 - my real name isn't betsy, it's elisabeth. i've been called 'betsy' since day 1, tho!
2 - i have a 5 year daughter named monaghan, and she is the VERY best thing about me!
*'monaghan' is the name of a county in ireland. the meaning of the name wasn't what drew me to it (it mean's 'land of little hills' - yikes, lol) but it was just so pretty and one-of-a-kind - JUST like my daughter! if in ireland, the correct pronounciation would be the 'g' being silent. i americanized it...the 'h' is silent. so it's said like this: 'mon - again' :]
3 - i have a big ole family - my mom (stay at home mom/homeschool teacher) and dad (long time employee at state farm/pastor) have been married for 30 years (awesome, right?!) and there are 8 of us kiddos - 4 girls and 4 boys. we are all pretty close (in age and in our relationships) so the family gatherings are freakin' awesome!
4 - i'm pretty sure my first crush was aladdin! :]
5 - in my high school days - i was co-capt/mvp of both softball and tennis...tres/v. pres/pres. of art club...outstanding foreign language student of the year (for german, and i don't remember a lick of it now :[ )...and had various other awards and achievements that were important to me at that time. before high school, i was homeschooled. :]
6 - when i'm in the artsy fartsy mood - i'm extremely crafty! i enjoy: jewelry making, painting with acrylics (oils don't agree with me), scrapbooking/greeting cards, photography, clay, sewing, working with mixed mediums of all sorts, etc, etc.
*i have a HUGE credenza in my bedroom that is just FILLED with random arts and crafts and supplies! and a few totes that are filled to the top, too! they take up SO much space, but i'll never get rid of them. once we move into a house (someday, *sigh*), i want a studio - complete with a potter's wheel and kiln! :D
7 - i am currently planning a trip to IRELAND with my cousin. we've decided that if we put X amount of money away per month, we will be able to go in 2.5 years. I. CANNOT. WAIT. so freakin' excited!!
•i've tagged a few fellow bloggers (* indicates that they've already been tagged by another blogger for this award - but i ♥ their blogs, so i couldn't help but tag them, too!):
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• FYI - this is just for FUNsies - so i won't be offended if any you choose not to carry this on! no worries! thank you all tho - for having blogs i love to follow!
have a wonderful day and thanks for droppin' in!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

. makeup looks .

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Monday, March 7, 2011

. bfte . eotd .

eyes: {all BFTE}
inner to outer: soliel > mania > livid.
highlight: soliel.
liner: livid.

lashes: maybelline falsies.

lips: neutrogena brightening eye perfector and clear lip balm (with lemon scent/taste - yum!) from bath & body works.

face: a bit of l'oreal true match naturale - gentle mineral concealor - under the eyes, around nose. N.Y.C. bronzing face powder dusted lightly all over (VERY lightly, just to take away shine and add SLIGHT color). some BFTE's raspberry (eye shadow) on cheeks for a tiny bit of rosyness.
{click pics for larger view}