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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

. nails .

a lot of people have commented on my nails, so i figured i would show them off a little. ;]

one person said, that from farther away, it looked like the paint splatter look that was big in the 80's...lol.

• white on xtreme wear by sally hansen
• cheatin by pure ice
(several coats of cheatin will create a massive glittery explosion (yay!) - but one coat is all i used for this)

*i have crappy nails/cuticles. i bite them all the time because if they grow past a certain length, they get soft and start peeling (like nail polish peels...from the top of my nail!). it drives me crazy, but it's something i have grown to accept :\ HOWEVER, i'm pleased to report that i have NOT bitten my nails in MONTHS!! i just have to keep them trimmed pretty short...*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

. glittersniffer cosmetics with swatches .

there is a group on facebook of ladies that are selling/trading off their old GS stash. some are done with GS and ridding themselves of their stash, but some are just taking this opportunity to sell off some of their unused/hardly used/non favorite shades. anyway - a lot of good deals here! i DID order from a few of these ladies. like 3 pots for $8 shipped! :] that's where all the colors from the last pic came from! i think i have 1 or 2 on the way still...but here are some swatch pics of what i currently have from glittersniffer cosmetics...

{click on the pics for a larger view!}

below: wicked collection - dupes / not what was pictured on their FB {i emailed and asked}
this was my first order, and i was ECSTATIC to get it. seriously - you can ask my hubby. i freaking freaked out about being able to get it during the black friday sale - 50% off collections! welll...didn't get it at first. got something else. emailed and emailed and then i finally recieved it - but only to be disappointed. the textures are kinda grittyish, the fallout is insane, and the colors weren't the same as they looked on the site at all! BUT the colors are super pretty in the jars...so i think i'll use them to franken some nail polish...or do other artsy fartsy things. lol.
*look at "nessa's shoes" - see how all the glitter in it just rubbed away to the sides? it doesn't stay! after applying, it just looks like a whiteish-gray color. :[

below: another small order i got. i ordered a $2 random bottle of harry potter magical creatures collection - since it was unlabeled...i searched/swatched for comparisions of other swatches on the fan page, i came to the conclusion that this is norbert. i was sent the magenta color as a freebie.

ok, norbert is very nice. i've used it a few times. this bright magenta - i've swatched it but never used it. it's TOO bright. and then...i heard about the recalled pinks and i'm glad i never put it on! it's very pretty, regardless - i'll use it for something crafty someday (sidenote: i tried to franken some nail polish with this shade...yuck. didn't turn out well. i'm still saving it for a rainy day tho, when i get my crafting mojo back!!)

below: onto the better stuff!! i really like these colors!


* EDIT * 3.7.2011 *
i have a few other GS "piggies" now, but have been shying away from using them in recent looks.