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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

50 followers! + giveaway!

i have just hit the '50 followers' landmark! this is awesome, and surprises me at the same time - i have been terrible about posting. apologies! :/
how about i make up for being so inactive on here by having a lil giveaway, eh?! 

the giveaway:

• 1 Oscar de la Renta perfume sample in Esprit d'Oscar 
• 2 pairs of earrings, made by yours truly!! :]
• 3 E.L.F. lipglosses (Strawberry, Perfect Pink, Unlabeled)
• 4 sample jars of BFTE eyeshadow (Lemon, Tickle Me, Grassy, Raspberry)
• 5 Wet 'n Wild nailpolishes (Clear Nail Protector, Blazed, Dreamy Poppy, Lavender Creme, Tickled Pink)
• 6 sample baggies of Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics / Sweetpea & Fay Cosmetics / Hi Fi Cosmetics eyeshadows (ARC - Liaisons, Dupioni, le Soleil. SP&F - Sure Burt, Bulder Dash. HiFi - To the Moon.)

one lucky person will win all of this!


• post any one comment on this post.
(and leave your email so i can get in touch with you!)

it's that easy!
there will be no "you must do this, this, and this...purchase this or that...link back...etc, etc." *
* it would be AWESOME if you became a follower of this blog and friended 'No Empty Yesterdays' on facebook, too - but that's definitely NOT a requirement. 

giveaway will close 

i will use random.org to choose the winner!

(please remember, just ONE comment per person! thanks!)


* i would like to make note that i won a couple giveaways a while back, both were full of BFTE goodies! i have not used any of the samples i won in those giveaways in this giveaway. samples used in this giveaway are ones that were purchased by me or gifted to me.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

. re • fashion • ed .

someone gave me this sundress a couple years ago, but it was just a bit too big. i loved the print/length/breezy material, tho, so i never got rid of it! i busted out my dusty sewing machine and altered it a bit. yay! 

i don't have any sort of tutorial - because, honestly, i didn't know if it'd be successful or not. haha! all i did was: 
1) cut off the straps 
2) take in the top part of the dress a bit on both sides to fit my waist (it's the scrunchy, stretchy fit that's on bust part of most sundresses - you know what i'm talking about?)
3) folded down the top part and sewed - it made it feel more like a waist band instead of just a top part of a dress.
*i may possibly take in the width on the bottom part, but i kind of like the poofyness with the high waist. seems very 50's.

so i chose this purple top (it doesn't flatter my tummy because of the super thin material, but i always liked how it fit my bust - and that's perfect for this skirt!) and with the belt, i feel like it was a win! i can interchange shirts/tanks and i think i can also wear the skirt lower, like a peasant skirt. 
i'm so proud of myself, can you tell?! haha!

ps - my hubby got me the sewing machine for christmas 2 years ago, and i've only used it once since. :[ so he was super happy i am using it (finally!), and he loved what i did with the dress!

i look a little funky here, but i wanted to show the earrings i made a long time ago - they went SO well with my outfit! :]

isn't my lil girlie the most beautiful?!


. MAC lipsticks .

i bought 2 MAC lipsticks a while ago from a blog sale, cause they were a good price (now i have a "no buying ANYTHING" rule in place...don't know when i will lift that! maybe when i can control my impulse buys and makeup cravings?!) and everyone and their sister loves MAC (never tried it, save 1 pressed eye shadow). i've been wanting to find a lipstick that i wouldn't have to reapply, reapply, reapply all night long at work. alas - there must be a trick that i'm not aware of. lip primer, maybe? i will say i really think the texture/consistency of the MAC lipsticks were the creamiest i've ever put on my lips. but i'm in NO possible way/shape/form a lipstuff expert!!
but the reality of it is - i'll just go back to never actually wearing any lipstuff, but being obsessed with having glosses/lipstains/lipsticks/balms/etc.

**excuse the funny faces - i do that**

MAC's 'snob'
(TOO pink for betsy! i'm going to be selling this.)

MAC's 'pretty please'
(this is light enough pink, i think i can pull it off in most cases.)


Saturday, July 2, 2011

. eye makeup removers: review .

almay oil-free eye makeup remover liquid:

i do not like this stuff. i'm being as blunt and clear as possible.
• it smells awful and chemical-y.
• when i apply it with my cotton ball to my eyes, it tugs and rubs. even then it doesn't get all the makeup/primer off on the first go or two...it takes a few swipes.
• it does NOT remove my mascara at all, tho. i can't ever get it completely off so i keep applying new mascara when i do the next days makeup...and it's just building up! i bought this remover during the first week in june, so i feel like i've had leftover mascara on my eyelashes for an entire month.
• the price was $5.99 at walgreens + i had a $2 off walgreens coupon. but for $3.99, this product SO isn't worth it!

equate oil-free eye makeup remover:

this stuff is worth it, to me.
• price = under $5 at walmart. it's the generic version of neutrogena's eye makeup remover.
• no smell really. tho, to be fair, i've used this product for like a year - so it may be that i'm used to any slight smell from it. just sayin' that i don't notice a smell from it now.
• DOES remove eye makeup! novel idea! only takes 1 swipe or 2 and even the primer is gone! a couple more swipes on the lashes and my mascara comes off, too.

* my FAVORITE eye makeup remover EVER: mary kay's. 
it. is. awesome. it feels like nothing is taking off your makeup. haha!
however - it's like $14 a bottle, and that is just too much to spend. for me at least.