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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

. MAC lipsticks .

i bought 2 MAC lipsticks a while ago from a blog sale, cause they were a good price (now i have a "no buying ANYTHING" rule in place...don't know when i will lift that! maybe when i can control my impulse buys and makeup cravings?!) and everyone and their sister loves MAC (never tried it, save 1 pressed eye shadow). i've been wanting to find a lipstick that i wouldn't have to reapply, reapply, reapply all night long at work. alas - there must be a trick that i'm not aware of. lip primer, maybe? i will say i really think the texture/consistency of the MAC lipsticks were the creamiest i've ever put on my lips. but i'm in NO possible way/shape/form a lipstuff expert!!
but the reality of it is - i'll just go back to never actually wearing any lipstuff, but being obsessed with having glosses/lipstains/lipsticks/balms/etc.

**excuse the funny faces - i do that**

MAC's 'snob'
(TOO pink for betsy! i'm going to be selling this.)

MAC's 'pretty please'
(this is light enough pink, i think i can pull it off in most cases.)



  1. Love your faces, you're so cute x3 I do like the second one on you! Hopefully I will get to try a MAC lippie someday lol..

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I think Snob actually looks really nice on you :)

  3. thank you, @silhouettescreams!
    brighter pinks shades of makeup always turn me on but then i try it and i'm turned off. i always think it clashes somehow. i've just gotten comfortable wearing pink on my eyes! but thank you VERY much for your vote of confidence :]

    @emily: XD
    and hey, do you like 'snob'? i'm totally down if you wanna trade up or something!

  4. Personally, I think both colors look great on you :) But if you don't like a lippie that's a little too pink, then I guess there's no reason to keep it :)