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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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someone gave me this sundress a couple years ago, but it was just a bit too big. i loved the print/length/breezy material, tho, so i never got rid of it! i busted out my dusty sewing machine and altered it a bit. yay! 

i don't have any sort of tutorial - because, honestly, i didn't know if it'd be successful or not. haha! all i did was: 
1) cut off the straps 
2) take in the top part of the dress a bit on both sides to fit my waist (it's the scrunchy, stretchy fit that's on bust part of most sundresses - you know what i'm talking about?)
3) folded down the top part and sewed - it made it feel more like a waist band instead of just a top part of a dress.
*i may possibly take in the width on the bottom part, but i kind of like the poofyness with the high waist. seems very 50's.

so i chose this purple top (it doesn't flatter my tummy because of the super thin material, but i always liked how it fit my bust - and that's perfect for this skirt!) and with the belt, i feel like it was a win! i can interchange shirts/tanks and i think i can also wear the skirt lower, like a peasant skirt. 
i'm so proud of myself, can you tell?! haha!

ps - my hubby got me the sewing machine for christmas 2 years ago, and i've only used it once since. :[ so he was super happy i am using it (finally!), and he loved what i did with the dress!

i look a little funky here, but i wanted to show the earrings i made a long time ago - they went SO well with my outfit! :]

isn't my lil girlie the most beautiful?!



  1. aw~~~you and your girl look soooo happy and beautiful together~~~and i luv the earring, and you are right, it totally matches your outfit~~~


  2. thanks a bunch, jessy!!
    i'm following your blog now! lol @ the "google watchamacallit" widget! :]

    you're very welcome, joice! :]

  3. Both of you are gorgeous :)

  4. You + Your sweet girl + Your sweet dress= things of beauty... I adore what your wearing, it's so nature-enthused.

    very pretty blog.

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  5. good thing you did some alterations on it because its SO PRETTY! love it!
    xo, Lauren

  6. :D
    thank you so very much, ladies!!


  7. i love your hair!!
    Your outfit is gorgeous! I'm glad i've come across your blog!!