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Thursday, August 4, 2011

. makeup gets me high - peacock contest .

I love a chance to play around with my eye makeup! I've been SUPER busy and rarely have any time to dedicate to my eyeballs, let alone take pics...then crop those pics...then make a collage from the cropped pics...and so on and so forth. 

Since I had been such a silly slacker lately, I'd decided that I was going to participate in a makeup challenge/contest the next time I came across one on Facebook. 
*These types of contests are ALL over FB beauty pages right now!

I did a look for the Peacock Makeup Challenge that I saw on MakeUp Gets Me High's FB page. I immediately got out my blues (I can't wear blue shadows very often - does not compliment my eye color! Which sucks cause blue eyeshadows are sooooo pretty! That is why I was so excited to bust them out!)...so I got those and some various other colors and went to town! 

Whatcha think?
eyeshadows: over NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean: inner to outer:
jaded - BFTE
copper bird - Sweetpea & Fay
von fersen - ARC
(highlight) beautiful tragedy - HiFi 
lol @ my "model" face.



  1. This is freaking amazing! So nice to see you pop up every now and then! You've been missed for sure! :D